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The Copyright Centre (CC) represents a scholarly platform for solving the legally-technical difficulties linked to the process of digitization, the main intent of which is the identification of legal protection for the various cultural objects and the enabling of their further utilization, mainly by making them accessible via the newly created central portal of Slovak cultural heritage – Slovakiana. The CC is an institution arising from the project of Central application infrastructure and registry; its activities contributing significantly to the safeguarding of copyright and related legislation in the context of digitization and enabling public access to digitized content. The role of the Centre is to cover a scale of expert tasks of methodological as well as practical character, which are aimed towards clarifying particular licensing terms.

Mainly, the following activities are covered:
  • Creating and actualizing the methodology for the categorization of cultural objects from the perspective of copyright laws,
  • Creating and actualizing the methodology for the categorization of metadata related to various cultural objects,
  • Negotiating with the authors, aimed at receiving their approval to enable public access to the pieces,
  • Consulting services,
  • Co-operative services,
  • Administrative and scholarly support,
  • Legal counselling to memorial and funding institutions (MFI) in the field of copyright.
  • Proposing legislative amendments