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Blogger’s codex on the Slovakiana portal

Each blogger is hereby obliged to adhere to this codex, which specifies the terms agreed between the blog administrator and the bloggers, the independence of the bloggers, as well as their duties where copyright is concerned and the sanctions for the breach of this codex.


Definition of terms:
Blog – a body of texts written by one author published on the portal slovakiana.sk
Administrator – The National Edification Centre (NOC)
Blogger – an author of texts registered in the system slovakiana.sk/blog

  1. The Independence of the blogger and the content of blogs
    • The blog section of the Slovakiana portal is designated mainly to topics concerned with the problems of digitalization of cultural heritage, copyright laws, culture, art and history, as well as the activites of cultural, memorial and funding institutions in the world of e-culture. Other topics are also acceptable, provided that they are relevant to digitalization, to the content of the portal etc.
    • The blogger has a right to express his/her opinions. S/he may not infringe the civil liberties of others while doing so, nor slander any individuals, organizations or institutions, nor interfere with the private rights of any physical or legal entity. The exception is any situation in which individuals, organizations or institutions conduct themselves in an illegal or immoral way and the publishing of this information serves the public interest.
    • The blogger must conform to the requirement of a free exchange of opinions and an unobstructed flow of information.
    • The blogger may not publish information which is untrue, half-true, incomplete or uncertain, especially where they could potentially damage another person, a group of people, an institution or an organization. In the case of controversial topics, the blogger should provide all the sides involved sufficient space to present their arguments. In case this obligation is not met, the admin reserves the right to withdraw the text concerned.
    • In case the blogger publishes a skewed or incomplete piece of information, s/he is obliged to stipulate atonement and make good for any damage caused by correcting or completing the information in the original text, or by replacing the text with a new contribution.
    • The blogger is solely responsible for ensuring that his/her blog is not in conflict with the laws of the Slovak Republic. If such a conflict is discovered, the text will be removed.
    • In case of substantial suspicion that the blog may be in conflict with Slovak legislation, the administrators reserve the right to immediately remove it until the blogger has verily refuted the suspicion or offered the administrator sufficient guarantees in order to re-publish the text.
    • The blogger may not use his/her contributions to promote wars, violence, civil, racial, national, religious hatred or hatred of other kinds. S/he may not commit public nuisance.
    • The blogger should express appropriate respect to other nationalities, traditions, cultures, moralities, as well as the results of their artistic and intellectual efforts.
    • The blogger may not misuse information and accounts gathered in their personal or professional life, s/he may not exert pressure in order to gain information or conceal their intention to publish from the informant. There will be no publishing of correspondence or accounts offered in private conversation without the author’s permission.
    • In case the blogger is editing or adjusting contributions already published, the original version must remain in the text as well. The exceptions to this rule are small changes, with no major impact on the content and purpose of the contribution (e.g. correction of grammatical errors or typos).

  2. Copyright and the quotation of sources
    • By publishing a text on the Slovakiana portal, the author gives permission to publish this text or any part thereof on the web-page www.slovakiana.sk; permission to spread the text or any part thereof via electronic communication channels (mainly via the Internet); as well as permission to spread the text by publishing it in various publications (periodical or not), published by the administrator of the portal; the National Edification Centre. The author grants the administrators a non-exclusive license, unlimited by time or geography, to use the texts published on the blog, for the entire duration of the copyrights. Also, the author hereby grants the administrator a license unlimited by time, place or object to shorten or process the texts about to be published on www.slovakiana.sk and/or in various publications (periodical or not), published by the administrator of the portal; the National Edification Centre. This license is not compensated, unless otherwise agreed and concerns all forms of utilizing the texts, namely the creation of copies thereof in whatever shape or form, as well as publishing and enabling access to the texts. If the blogger does not wish for their texts to be published on the web-space of www.slovakiana.sk, or on other portals or in periodicals administered/published by the operators, the text should not be placed onto the blog section of the portal slovakiana.sk, but only onto their private blog.
    • The blogger has no entitlement to royalties for the publishing of texts from the blog, for their dissemination via electronic communication networks (mainly through the Internet) or their publishing in the periodical or non-periodical publications of the Slovakiana portal by the National Edification Centre, unless the administrator decides otherwise in particular cases. The payment of such royalties is subject to the provision of personal data, which is necessary for accounting purposes, according to current legal provisions. The blogger is entitled only to one-time royalties, even if the text is published repeatedly and even this is up to the administrator’s decision.
    • The blogger may not publish others’ work or part thereof under their name, or publish translations of foreign texts as their own. This rule applies even to texts where the author is not known, such as historical documents or texts received anonymously by e-mail.
    • Each blogger has a duty to mention the sources of their information. If the source is Internet media, the hyperlink to the source must be a part of the quotation. If it is not possible to provide the link directly to the article concerned, it is acceptable to provide at least the link to the main web-page.
    • When using pictures, audio or video sources or their parts, the author may not use them, unless they have been granted the copyright permission from the author or the copyright owner (either personally or according to the rules and laws established for copyright). The correct source must always be quoted, where the picture (or another object of copyright) was obtained (if the source is the Internet, the address must be specified).

  3. The blogger and commercial information
    • It is unacceptable for the blogger to promote his/her own commercial activities, or those of a third party in such a way as might be considered concealed advertisement. Generally, a mention of one’s own activities or the activities of a firm or organization is not considered concealed advertisement, if these activities are relevant to the topic of the article, or if the activity is mentioned in the author’s profile. The fact that the blogger is directly or indirectly involved in this activity must be explicitly stated in the contribution.
    • The blogger may not accept any gifts (material or financial) as compensation for the positive or negative mention of any firm, society or organization. The administrators of the Slovakiana portal may completely remove such a contribution, if there is reasonable suspicion of bribery, without any further explanation.
    • The blogger may not sell any form of advertisement on their blog.

  4. The relationship between the blogger and the blog’s administrators
    • The blogger must publish all his/her contributions under their own name and surname.
    • During registration, the blogger must provide truthful and current personal information and contact details, where they can be reached easily and immediately. In case of a dire suspicion of false identity, the administrator may remove the blog, until the blogger proves that the information they registered under is correct. Before the blog is erased, the blogger will be challenged to prove their identity. If the challenge is not met in appropriate time, the administrator reserves the right to decide about the removal of the blog.
    • If a false identity is proven (including untruthful or no longer applicable information, mentioned during registration), the administrators reserve the right to remove the blog without informing the blogger beforehand.
    • There is no labor relationship between the blogger and the administrator. The opinions expressed through the blog do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of the administrator and cannot be perceived as the administrator’s opinions.
    • If a situation should arise, where the blogger’s activities present a long-term conflict of interest for the administrator, the blogger will be notified of this fact and in the case of continual publication of undesirable contributions, the administrator reserves the right to remove these contributions and hinder the blogger from further publication on the Slovakiana portal. This rule does not prevent the blogger from expressing his/her opinions freely; the measure will be applied only in extreme cases. Contributions which criticize the activities of the operator or the employees thereof will not be considered to pose a conflict of interest, unless this criticism represents the main part of content of said blog.
    • If the blogger desires to end their blog, s/he will request this by e-mail. S/he may then request the re-establishment of the blog, or the creation of a new blog, but only after the period of 6 months from the removal. In case the blog is cancelled repeatedly, the administrators reserve the right to refuse renewal.
    • The blogger is obliged to co-operate fully with the admins in the case of legal disputes concerning their blog. Namely, they must provide all necessary evidence of the truthfulness of statements mentioned within their blog. If this duty is disregarded, the blogger will answer for any damages caused by their actions (or inaction), especially any damage arising from a legal defeat.

  5. Sanctions for the breach of the codex
    In case the codex is breached, the administrator has a right to the following measures, depending on the gravity of the trespass:
    1. Notification of the blogger about the breach and appeal for correction and non-recurrence of the breach.
    2. Removal of the text, which presents the breach of the codex from the Slovakiana portal.
    3. Erasing the offensive contribution without any warning.
    4. Blocking of the blogger’s account in the system slovakiana.sk and disabling access thereto.
    5. Cancelling the blog and refusing renewal.