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This year sees the 30th anniversary of an extraordinary year – 1989 – when walls crumbled and people of Central and Eastern Europe were united again. To remember 1989 and its events, we are inviting you to share your memories and impressions in our ‘blog parade’. Join us as we commemorate the political and social […]
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Europeana Europeana 1989, #remember1989, 1989, Eastern Europe, social history 14.08.2019 09:00:06
Each of the films of Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Three Colours trilogy explores a topic from the French Revolution motto Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Three Colours: White addresses equality through the fate of Karol Karol (Zbigniew Zamachowski), the movie’s main character, a Polish man living in France. The film plays with the notion of emigration and return, and […]
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Europeana Migration, film, France, Paris, Poland 08.08.2019 09:00:27
With today’s craft beer movement, the origins of beer culture come more and more to the fore. As interest in traditional recipes and forgotten brewing practices rises, ingredients such as hops gain new attention. Hops are one of Europe’s traditional crops, and are responsible for a beer’s distinctive bitterness and aroma. Beer was one of […]
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Europeana Europe at Work, Europeana, Beer, food and drink, industrial heritage 02.08.2019 09:00:44
Composer Adrian Willaert was born around 1490 in the Low Countries, and moved at a young age to Paris to study law at the Sorbonne. There, having met composer Jean Mouton, he decided to devote his life to music. Between 1515 and 1520, Willaert was employed as a singer in Ferrara. In 1519 he was active […]
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Europeana Europeana, Migration, Music, Belgium, classical music, France, Italy, Venice 25.07.2019 09:00:38
The 18th century play La Dalmatina by Carlo Goldoni – sometimes referred to as ‘the Italian Molière’ – is a striking illustration of the relationship between Venice, Istria and Dalmatia. Since the late middle ages, the relationship between Venice, Istria and Dalmatia has been complex.  In addition to quarreling for political, economic and religious reasons, […]
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Europeana Europeana, Migration, Music, France, Italy, migration, Paris, theatre, Venice 18.07.2019 08:00:06
During World War One, newspapers were the main source of information. With no radio or television or internet, there were other ways to get the latest news like word to mouth, the weekly newsreels in the cinema or the ongoing exchange of letters between soldiers at the front and their loved ones at home. However, […]
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Europeana Europeana, Europeana 1914-1918, Newspapers, newspapers, World War I 11.07.2019 09:30:23
Mastheads are one of the most striking features of newspapers. Often the first thing we see, they are designed to catch our attention and communicate the newspaper’s identity and attract readers. Within the thousands of digitised historic newspaper titles in Europeana Newspapers, there’s a lot of variety in their mastheads – from simple text to […]
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Europeana Europeana, Newspapers, design, illustrations, newspapers, typography 04.07.2019 08:30:23
Our newspapers collection includes more than 4 million newspaper issues from around 20 countries. It shows the headlines and reporting from four centuries’ historical moments such as the sinking of the Titanic. Alongside these great moments from history are more everyday occurrences. Looking at adverts in newspapers through time, we can get a sense of […]
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Europeana Europeana, Newspapers, advertising, Food, food and drink, newspapers 02.07.2019 09:00:13