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The National Cultural Centre (NCC)

The National Cultural Centre (NCC)

Sq. SNP nr. 12,
812 34, Bratislava 1
+421-2-204 71 202

The National Cultural Centre is a governmental organization, which secures the functioning of the nationwide Slovak expert methodological workspace for activities related to culture and enlightenment. Through its activities, it supports the development of cultural, educational and artistic activities on a local and regional level, especially in the following fields: spare-time artistic endeavors, cultural education, editing and publishing activities, research and monitoring in culture, as well as exhibitions and other forms of presentation. When fulfilling its role, the NCC co-operates with other cultural institutions and institutions of public administration, municipalities, the third sector, as well as the general public.

In the scope of digitalization of the cultural heritage of Slovakia, the NCC has given effect to the following projects: The Central Application Infrastructure and Registry and The Harmonization of Information Systems. Through these, a central system of all the institutions in the resort of culture has been created and thereby also centralized registers of cultural objects and a central portal of cultural heritage; Slovakiana. Another project of NCC was "The Digitization and Multimedia products of National Cultural Centre". Within this project have been created digital film, text, graphic, photographic objects and also Virtual Excursion, by which the cultural heritage of Slovakia is presented on the portal Slovakiana.