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Slovenský ľudový umelecký kolektív

The Slovak Folk and Art Collective (SĽUK)

Balkánska 31,
853 08, Bratislava - Rusovce
+421-2-204 78 111
+421-2-204 78 235

The Slovak Folk and Art Collective (named SLUK) is a professional performance art entity, active in the field of artistic processing and interpretation of traditional Slovak folk culture in operation since 1949. The creations are based on authentic forms of Slovak folk art, which are processed into highly popular programs of great artistic quality. Currently, SLUK maintains a wide spectrum of performances with varying levels of stylization and sometimes courageous fusions into new genres.

Within the scope of the national project the Digital Fund of Traditional Folk Culture, SLUK has built a specialized digitalization site for traditional folk culture in its Centre, which has digitalized objects of traditional folk culture.