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The Slovak National Library (SNL)

Jozef Cíger Hronský Sq.,
036 01, Martin
+421-43-245 12 00

The Slovak National Library is the national library of the Slovak Republic and it is located in the city of Martin. In line with national legislation, it mainly gathers and continuously keeps the conservation fund of the Slovak Republic, it completes, professionally registers, processes, safe-guards and makes accessible native as well as foreign documents, it further acts as the national bibliographic agency and a specialist workplace for conservation and restoration, as well as a specialized site for the digitalization of written documents of cultural heritage.

Within the scope of the national project Digital Library and Digital Archive, the SNL has digitalized more than 1.25 million library objects (books, newspapers, magazines, articles, maps, post-cards and posters) and an equal number of objects within the partner project of the Slovak National Archive. It will continue its document digitalization efforts in the following years, utilizing the infrastructure, which has been set-up as part of the project.