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The Military History Institute (MHI)

Krajná 27,
821 04, Bratislava
+421-2-482 07 703

The Military History Institute is a science and research, archiving and museum site, established by the Slovak Ministry of Defense, dedicated to the field of military history. The mission is to develop Slovak military history science, military archiving and museum keeping, a specialized scientific library and services linked thereto, to ensure that national cultural reminders and the objects administered by the MHI are continuously cared for and preserved. It also acts as a guarantee and advisor of the Slovak Defense Ministry when fulfilling tasks linked to military history, symbolisms, or military education.

The MHI has executed a project named “The Digitalization of the cultural heritage of the MHI” within the scope of the program “Automatization of society”, in which cultural objects from the archive pool of the MHI were digitalized, preserved and made accessible.