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In France, the important development of including literature in the press began with the launch of ‘La Presse‘ in 1836 by Emile de Girardin. He cut the subscription rate to his daily newspaper in half by speculating on advertising to cover the costs. He also developed the serialised novel to create customer loyalty, by calling […]
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Europeana Europeana, Newspapers, Bibliothèque nationale de France, literature, newspapers, Rise of Literacy 13.11.2018 10:12:10
A true writer-journalist, Emile Zola successfully managed both activities for about 20 years, at first out of financial necessity before he became a successful author, but also by conviction. He sent his first articles to newspapers in 1863. His early contributions were critiques of the art and literature of his day, but his articles soon […]
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Europeana Europeana, Newspapers, Bibliothèque nationale de France, literature, newspapers, Rise of Literacy 08.11.2018 10:41:57
If you ever visit the Netherlands, perhaps you’ll stay at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam or Hotel New York in Rotterdam. These two hotels – still operational – played witness to decades of migration through the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Shipped around the world Both hotels were owned by shipping lines – the […]
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Europeana Europeana, Migration, Amsterdam, Argentina, Croatia, Eastern Europe, migration, Romania, Rotterdam, United States 07.11.2018 11:00:43
Living in bustling cities we often tend to forget about nature, yet it is all around us and in many ways. Some of us might wake up in the morning to the sounds of a couple of birds singing while others hear their tunes through a stroll in the park or while waiting for some […]
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Europeana Europeana, Natural History 02.11.2018 09:23:03
How do we know what Europe’s first printed book was? Until the 18th century this question was open to speculation.15th-century printed books usually have no title page and do not always give the printer’s name. Volume 1 folio 1 of three copies of the Gutenberg Bible, held at three different libraries. From left to right: […]
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Europeana Europeana, Bible, books, early printed books, Gutenberg, Rise of Literacy 30.10.2018 10:35:04
Ross MacFarlane is a Research Development Specialist at London’s Wellcome Collection, a free museum and library exploring health, life and our place in the world. In this guest post, Ross explores the phenomenon of anamorphic art through an unusual religious painting depicting not one, not two, but three saints. The current Pope, Francis I, took inspiration […]
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Europeana Art, Europeana, art, art history, painting, religious art, saint francis 25.10.2018 08:00:14
Home is where we are safe. Home is where our loved ones are. When that home becomes unsafe, is it still home? If we move away from our loved ones, where is home then? How long does it take create a new home when you move away from your roots? Is anywhere else really ever […]
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Europeana Europeana, Migration, family, housing, migration 24.10.2018 10:50:21
For Protestant and Catholic communities of the past, learning the basics of faith and the basics of reading went quite naturally hand in hand. But were all early catechisms necessarily intended as reading primers? Children’s Education: a Point of Contention between Catholics and Protestants For Europeans at the start of the Early Modern Period, knowledge […]
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Europeana Europeana, Rise of Literacy 19.10.2018 09:00:51