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World Cup of Art
Europeana Blog
Welcome to the World Cup of Art! The matches are between the artworks related to countries playing in the FIFA World Cup, available on Europeana. And you can influence the score by voting for the artworks you like! The rest ...
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Europeana Content, Europeana Art, Europeana Sport, art, sport, World Cup 29.06.2018 23:48:43
On the Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the highlight of LGBT+ pride month 2018, we dive into Wellcome Collection’s rich stores of queer heritage and take a look at an album of Victorian-era photographs from the James Gardiner Collection. A ...
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Europeana Content, drag queens, photography, pride month 28.06.2018 10:54:54
During the 1970s, Spanish gastarbeiders made up some 35,000 of the workforce in the Netherlands. We spoke to one such person who migrated, Balbino Cuervo, on his journey through Europe for love and work, and his story of creating a ...
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Europeana Content, Europeana Migration, migration, Netherlands, Spain 27.06.2018 15:18:47
When we asked people to share their stories and symbolic objects of migration, the responses submitted could be largely separated into two categories: those who emigrated by choice, and those who did not. Refugees. Cyprián Majerník, Slovak National Gallery, Public ...
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Europeana Content, Europeana Migration, Events, Europeana Collection Days, migration, refugees, Syria 21.06.2018 15:00:01
Guest blog written by Fabian & Tatjana Vendrig (Dutch and Serbian language versions below) “The bread you sent, every Serb took it, they crossed themselves and kissed it and then we all started to cry happy tears”. This is an ...
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Europeana Content, Europeana 1914-1918, Family History, History, Serbia, World War I 18.06.2018 10:10:50
We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration. Our new short blog series, Love across borders, is inspired by collections discovered during this project, with stories of romance and love related to migration. ...
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Europeana Content, Austria, love across borders, migration, royalty, UK 11.06.2018 10:00:57
For the month of June on Europeana Music, Austrian Mediathek takes a look at the lives and works of three composers – Korngold, Weigl and Krenek – who escaped persecution in the 1930s and sought refuge in the United States. ...
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Europeana Music Europeana Migration, Europeana Music, Austria, Hollywood, Korngold, Krenek, National Socialism, Opera, refugees, Weigl, World War II 08.06.2018 10:00:31
The shape of the text has influenced how, what and why we read. This is the first blog of the Rise of Literacy project, where we take you from papyri to universities, exploring literacy in Europe thanks to the digital ...
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Europeana Content, Europeana Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Rise of Literacy 06.06.2018 11:17:51