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Chaque mois, Europeana Music est animé par un contriibuteur invité afin de mettre en valeur la grande variété de musique disponible dans Europeana. Ce mois-ci, Europeana Music célèbre le lancement de l’exposition virtuelle “Sur les traces de la Mission Ogooué-Congo ...
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Tom Miles Content, Europeana Music 08.07.2017 12:55:48
Every month, Europeana Music is curated by a guest contributor, highlighting the wide variety of music that exists in Europeana. This month, Europeana Music marks the launch of the online exhibition, “In the footsteps of the 1946 Ogooué-Congo Mission” looking ...
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Tom Miles Content, Europeana Music, Africa, anthropology, Central African Republic, ethnomusicology, fieldwork, Gabon, Music, Republic of the Congo, sound recording 08.07.2017 10:45:16
Аутори: Фабиан и Татјана Вендриг На углу холандског реформисаног гробља у Гардерену, тик уз шумовит предео Велуве регије у Холандији, стоји споменик у знак сећања на Србе који су преминули од шпанске грознице 1919. године непосредно после Првог светског рата. ...
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Ad Pollé Europeana 1914-1918, 1914-1918, Family History, History, WW1 06.07.2017 15:31:26
Gastblog geschreven door Tanja & Fabian Vendrig In een hoek op de gereformeerde begraafplaats te Garderen, op de rand van de bosrijke Veluwe in midden Nederland, staat een monument ter nagedachtenis aan Serviërs die in 1919 overleden aan de Spaanse ...
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Ad Pollé Content, Europeana 1914-1918, 1914-1918, Family History, History, World War I 06.07.2017 15:31:04
Guest blog by Fabian & Tatjana Vendrig (also available in Dutch and Serbian language version) In a corner of the Dutch Reformed cemetery in Garderen, on the edge of the forested area of the Veluwe region in the Netherlands, stands ...
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Ad Pollé Content, Europeana 1914-1918, 1914-1918, Family History, History, WW1 06.07.2017 15:28:00
The Music of Machines
Europeana Blog
Every month, Europeana Music invites a guest curator to look at a particular area of music. This month, our guest is Greg Markus from Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The everyday sounds are the ones that soundtrack our lives ...
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Tom Miles Content, Europeana Music, Harbours, Music, prisons, Rotterdam, Ships, Telecommunications 29.06.2017 14:11:43
Europeana 1914-1918 officially re-launches as a Europeana thematic collection today with personal stories, films and historical material about World War I from across Europe Since 2011, Europeana 1914-1918 has built up a dedicated community through working with partners all over ...
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Adrian Europeana 1914-1918, Events, Europeana Collection Days, Europeana Collections, World War I 21.06.2017 20:00:33
John Topham was a British documentary photographer who captured a changing Britain. Today, PHOTOCONSORTIUM’s Fred Truyen introduces us to Topham’s Lover’s Lane, 1938, as his Picture of the Month. Today, John Topham’s collections are managed by the British picture library TopFoto. My friend John Balean, ...
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Douglas McCarthy Europeana Photography, photography 12.06.2017 17:00:55