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From Hollywood glamour to the Siberian gulag, the life of Lithuanian actor Unė Baye was as dramatic in life as it was on the stage Uršulė Babickaitė-Graičiūnienė was born in the Lithuanian village of Laukminiškiai. She began acting and singing whilst in elementary school. In 1913, she moved to Russia, where she studied music, drama […]
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Europeana Migration, #WomensHistoryMonth, actors, film, France, Lithuania, London, migration, Paris, theatre, USA, women's history 23.03.2019 09:00:19
Anyone who wanted to see the musical avant-garde at work around 1600 went south of the Alps. With figureheads such as Monteverdi, Peri and Caccini and their work in the new opera genre, Italy pioneered an innovative repertoire and ‘modern’ styles and became the mecca for musicians in the early days of the baroque era. […]
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Europeana Photography Migration, Music, #WomensHistoryMonth, art, baroque, composers, migration, Sweden, women's history 22.03.2019 10:03:23
This post began with an idea to write about great female characters in European literature. Those that break the mould. Doing a little bit of research, the term ‘anti-heroine’ came up. And so did a range of characters who could fall into that category (see below for more on them). So I started to look […]
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Beth Europeana, #WomensHistoryMonth, literature 20.03.2019 09:50:24
Olga Boznańska was a notable Polish painter of the turn of the 20th century. In a special guest post, curator Dr Piotr Kopszak of Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie explores her life and work. Olga Boznańska (1865-1940) was born in Kraków, Poland and later active in Munich and Paris. Her father, Adam Nowina-Boznański, came from a […]
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Europeana Art, Europeana, #WomensHistoryMonth, art, art history, female artists, painting, polish art, women artists 18.03.2019 07:00:31
‘Hepeating‘ might be a new word, but the concept it represents is tried and tested. Woman comes up with great idea. Man takes it and passes it off as his own. Man receives great acclaim. Woman doesn’t make a fuss. Add in a dinner party ending in a broken friendship, a courtroom revelation, and escaping […]
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Beth Europeana, #WomensHistoryMonth, games, women 14.03.2019 09:15:59
Writer, republican, literary theoretician and philosopher, Madame de Staël contributed to the diffusion of ideas in Europe through her travels and her Salon, where she received many European intellectuals. A Woman of Letters and a Philosopher Anne-Louise Germaine Necker was born into the Swiss bourgeoisie in 1766 and received an education steeped in the spirit […]
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Europeana Europeana, #WomensHistoryMonth, Rise of Literacy, women, women's history 12.03.2019 10:15:12
This painting from 1900 by Dutch artist Jan Toorop employs a ‘modern’, pointillist technique to depict a genuinely modern woman: Marie Jeanette de Lange. Marie Jeanette was born in Jakarta in 1865, where her father worked as an engineer. At 22, she moved with her first husband to the Netherlands and connected with the Amsterdam […]
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Europeana Europeana, Fashion, Migration, fashion, migration, Netherlands, women's history 09.03.2019 09:00:15
If you were to count the statues in your local town, village or city, how many would you find that represent women? Despite women making up more than half of the population of Europe, most of the statues you come across commemorate the lives of men. Many statues of women that do exist tend to […]
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Europeana Art, Europeana, #WomensHistoryMonth, art, sculpture, women, women's history 07.03.2019 10:40:23